What is the China Research Group?

Welcome to the China Research Group news feed, where we publish a daily round-up of key news and events related to China. Visit our official website to read more about the group.

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And what’s this newsletter for?

The CRG was set up by a group of Conservative MPs in the UK in April 2020 to promote debate and fresh thinking about how Britain should respond to the rise of China.

The group looks to consider the longer term challenges and opportunities associated with the rise of China and its industrial and diplomatic policies. These include:

  • China's industrial policy. How China’s trade policy, state aid and strategic inward investments are shaping the world, not just the UK. 

  • Technology futures. How the development, ownership and regulation of platform technologies that underpin future economic growth and innovation are being influenced. 

  • Chinese foreign policy. The effects of “Belt and Road”, China’s main objectives, and where these align or clash with ours.  How to understand Chinese soft power as well as hard power.

The group was co-founded by Tom Tugendhat MP and Neil O’Brien MP. It is currently chaired by Tom Tugendhat, with a committee which consists of Dehenna Davison MP, Anthony Browne MP, Laura Trott MP, Kevin Hollinrake MP, Alicia Kearns MP, Andrew Bowie MP and Damian Green MP.

The CRG aims to promote understanding, leading to fresh thinking about issues raised by the rise of China, and provide a trustworthy source of news and informed knowledge on China issues. Sign up now and you’ll receive our regular news summary and also updates on the work of the CRG. Thanks for reading!

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